Riding the Cycle
Abenomics and the Wealth Gap in Japan
Interview: Naomi Fink on the Japanese Economy

Quotes & Mentions

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CNBC’s Oriel Morrison
Carry on trading

Public Speaking Engagements & History

Moderator, Thomson Reuters-Europacifica RMB Thought Leadership Luncheon (Sydney, Jun 2015)
Financial Times Conference “Reshaping the FX Trading Desk” (Research Panel, Singapore, June 2015)
Panellist, Profit & Loss Shanghai 2014 (RMB Internationalization Panel)
Panellist, Profit & Loss Singapore 2014 (Economists Panel)
Speaker, Global INSEAD Day, Tokyo (2014)
Panellist, Roundtable Japan (2014)
Lecturer, Temple University Japan ICAS lecture series (Nov 2013)
Speaker, Panellist at Bloomberg/Japan Society Conference on “Rebuilding Japan” (Jun 2011)
Asia Representative, Economist Panel at 66th Annual CFA Convention (Nov 2010)
Speaker, Panellist at Beijing International Finance Annual Forum, “Lessons from the Japanese banking crisis” (October 2008, Nov 2009)
Speaker and Panellist, Economist Magazine Corporate Round-table (January 2009)
Leading Panellist in July “FX Summit” in Chicago (July 2007)
Panellist at NYABE Career Forum on role of Economics in Institutional Research (Feb 2007)
Panellist at FEI, New York Chapter Annual Meeting at NYSE (Jan 2007)
Keynote speaker and panellist at Currency Investment World Asia (May 2006)
Presentation on model foreign exchange portfolio to GARP industry forum (July 2003)

Published Interviews

Interview: Naomi Fink on the Japanese Economy

All types of inflation were not created equal – if we start moving from demand-related inflation to cost-push inflation, we start running into a situation where the BOJ might have to move quickly from aggressive easing to tightening.

Interview in EURObiz Japan

The services sector might become more productive, and hence investment-worthy, by upgrading technology – while more efficiently allocating labour as well as capital.

Article Clipping

Japan’s Debt Conundrum

It is not more important to keep in mind net than gross debt when looking at the adverse impact of a massive government balance sheet upon growth.

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How the DPJ can get Japan growing again
Who’s Afraid of a Stronger Yen?
The DPJ’s Domestic Challenge
The Business Case for Reforming Japan Post