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Naomi Fink on CNBC Tue 17 Jun 4.40pm PST

On Japanese Trade, Abenomics and the BOJ  click to view TRADE Despite the fact that both imports and exports came in lower than expected, it’s hard to read too much into this one data release.  Certainly, a slightly narrower deficit is on the margin, positive for GDP.  At the same time, lower imports are both good and bad – a dip in resource import volumes (the key driver for softer…

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Naomi Fink nominated to Japan Society of Monetary Economics


Naomi Fink, CEO and Founder of Europacifica Consulting was nominated to the Japan Society of Monetary Economics as a contributing professional practitioner, and confirmed as a member at the Society’s annual general meeting in May 2014.   About the JSME The Japan Society of Monetary Economics (JSME) was organized at the founding conference on June 17th 1943. It is one of the earliest academic societies or associations in economics founded in…

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Recommendations on Women in the Labour Force


Roundtable Japan is one of Japan’s highest-profile conferences bringing together public and private sector leaders focused upon Japanese policy.  This year’s conference highlights included keynote speeches from Akira Amari, Minister for Economic and Fiscal Policy of Japan (self-styled “Abenomics Minister”) as well as former DPJ Prime Minister Noda, whose tough political decisions laid the base for LDP Prime Minister Abe’s own fiscal policies. Another innovation to this year’s Roundtable conference…

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Naomi Fink to present at Roundtable Japan 6-7 Jun


With the Abe Cabinet placing female labour force participation as well as leadership at the core of its growth strategy (or third arrow), many Japan-watchers are enquiring as to whether “Abenomics” can truly make a lasting impact upon women’s role in the Japanese workforce. However, merely debating women’s issues does little to identify incentives for such change among companies, policy-makers or women themselves. Instead, the organizers of the high-profile Roundtable…

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Markets might come under pressure short-term this quarter as Japan implements its consumption tax hike, but the hike on its own is unlikely to tip Japan back into recession.   So long as there is no new crisis brewing on the horizon (as was Asian crisis as Hashimoto implemented his1997 consumption tax hike to 5%), there is a good chance that Japan’s tax hike will be yet another piece of the…

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Abenomics Q&A December 2013


Europacifica CEO Naomi Fink offers timely insights on Abenomics: 1) We know Japan’s GDP growth slowed in the third quarter. The upcoming consumption tax hike was blamed for dampening sentiment.  Is the slowdown a concern for the government and how do you see the outlook for the next 12 months? It is unlikely that the Q3 drop in GDP is of great concern for the government, as it was well…

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29 Nov 2013: Abenomics and the Wealth Gap


Thanks to all those who helped make yesterday’s presentation a success, and for your insightful questions and comments.  Please refer to the following for the presentation materials: for further information, please contact Temple University Japan Campus (ICAS) * Please note that this event will be at AZABU HALL of TUJ campus.  * Feel free to circulate this invitation to friends or colleagues.Naomi Fink: Abenomics and the wealth gap Date: Friday, November 29, 2013…

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Naomi Fink on CNBC Thursday 28 Nov 8:40am JST

On fiscal stimulus measures, consumption, Abenomics and the Wealth Gap, the productivity quandary and geopolitics Abenomics and the Wealth Gap

TTG Meeting, 27 November 2013


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