Economics: Quantitative models, qualitative analysis


Bringing a practical edge to economic ideas; empirical applications of cutting-edge economic models and econometric tools.  Expert knowledge and analysis of local, regional and global macroeconomic data in strategy, policy and financial markets applications.  High professional standards in project management combined with academic rigor.

FINANCIAL MARKETS: 14 Years of high-profile experience


Over 14 years of experience across markets, products and global financial centres, with a highly entrepreneurial focus.  Insightful analysis, using cutting edge models of risk and valuation.  Research and advisory to corporate and institutional clients on financial market trends, including foreign exchange and cross-border investments



STRATEGY: forecasting and tools for decision-making


Over 10 years’ experience in Strategy at the world’s leading  banks, with a solid reputation for innovative research.  A strong, high profile track record in macroeconomic strategy, foreign exchange and equity strategy.  Strategy advisory services extend to a wide network of corporate and institutional clients as well as to policy makers.

JAPAN: An inside knowledge of corporate and institutional Japan


A strong, high profile track record in Japanese macroeconomic research, foreign exchange and equity strategy with inside knowledge of corporate Japan. With over 1o years’ cumulative experience in the Japanese market, we have advised institutional investors, corporations and policy-makers on Japanese markets, economics and policy.