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Naomi Fink on CNBC 30 Aug (Tues), 7:15am JST

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Naomi Fink speaks to CNBC Asia’s Pauline Chiou on The Rundown. Topics for discussion include: Economy: warning signals if employees do not spend those enhanced summer bonuses Markets: could investment trusts get a bumper from bonuses? Risks to the policy outlook Carry trade and interest rates Risk of a premature QQE exit within this financial year

Naomi Fink on Bloomberg TV 9:40am AEST

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Speaking to Yvonne Man at Asia open on: The BOJ and Japanese inflation expectations The British referendum, its effects on markets and expectations The Nikkei and dollar-yen Cross-market risks See link for related article.

Recommendations on Women in the Labour Force

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Roundtable Japan is one of Japan’s highest-profile conferences bringing together public and private sector leaders focused upon Japanese policy.  This year’s conference highlights included keynote speeches from Akira Amari, Minister for Economic and Fiscal Policy of Japan (self-styled “Abenomics Minister”) as well as former DPJ Prime Minister Noda, whose tough political decisions laid the base for LDP Prime Minister Abe’s own fiscal policies. Another innovation to this year’s Roundtable conference…

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