CONFERENCE CALL: The End of Kurodanomics


Call for participation
In cooperation with our partner in research Japan Macro Advisors, we are holding a conference call on “The End of Kurodanomics” on September 8. In our view, the Bank of Japan is likely to be forced to taper its Quantitative and Qualitative Easing (QQE) program in the next few years. If so, the consequences could be disorderly.

On this call, we examine

1) Sustainability of the BoJ’s QQE program

2) Financial consequences of a sudden stop to QQE, and

3) Impact on financial markets

Click here for the summary report.

Conference call details
Date: Thursday, September 8
Call Time:
Call 1 5:30pm JST | 9:30 am BST
Call 2 2:00pm BST | 9:00 am ESTDuration: 1 HourParticipation
To register for the call and for further details, click here or cut/paste the following link into your browser:

Europacifica Consulting
CEO and Founder
Naomi Fink

Japan Macro Advisors
Managing Director
Chief Economist
Takuji Okubo