CEO Naomi Fink on CNBC 25 October 11am AEDT

Naomi Fink chats with Bernie Lo on the macro implications of large public IPO’s:

JR Kyushu: riding the IPO wave

On Tuesday 25 October, Fukuoka-based JR Kyushu is slated to start trading following last week’s IPO, set to raise 416bn yen. By most measures, the offering is far from record-breaking; JR Kyushu is the fourth JR company to stage an IPO, and pales in comparison to 2015’s mammoth Japan Post offering (1.44 trillion yen for Japan Postal Bank and Japan Post Insurance in September 2015).

Yet the IPO is the world’s third largest this year, and more importantly, helps hold up a trend that appears to have been flagging this year, both in value and volume. Indeed, by end of September 2015, Japan had logged 193 IPO’s with total value of near 4 trillion yen, in comparison to 138 offerings worth just over 1.5 trillion yen as of end September 2016.

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The Reflationary Role of IPO’s
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